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Mineral Observer

Mineralogical Almanac, volume 19, issue 3, 2014

Happy Aniversary!
Mineralogical Almanac Editorial and Wendell Wilson

Marie Huizing

To Munich Mineral Show -2014: Meteorites!
Sergei V. Kolisnechenko

The new Finds of Kunashak Meteorite

12 (see a fragment, PDF)
Mikhail E. Generalov

First Russian Hardrock Gold in Fersman Mineralogical Museum

14 (see a fragment, PDF)
A Guide to Ontogeny of Minerals
Boris Z. Kantor

The Riddle of Paper Spar

18 (see a fragment, PDF)
Travels for Minerals
Michael B. Leybov

The Mineralogical Almanac in the Urals

22 (see a fragment, PDF)
Sergey V. Kolisnichenko

Vivianite in Southern Urals

44 (see a fragment, PDF)

Photo Gallery Stuart Wilensky
Stuart Wilensky
Treasures of China: part II

48 (see a fragment, PDF)
60-Anniversary of Tucson Show
Michael B. Leybov

The 2014 Tucson Mineral Show

50 (see a fragment, PDF)
John Rakovan

1. Daylight Florescent Hyalite Opal from Mexico

Renate Schumacher

2. Treasures of Gold and Gemstones from the River Rhine

Peter Megaw

3. «Plata Mexicana», Mexican Silver displayed by Peter Megaw
at the 2014 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show


Russian Mineral Shows
Michael B. Leybov
«Gemma», Moscow

68 (see a fragment, PDF)
Andreas Massanek

2nd Changsha (China) Mineral and Gem Show

Boris Z. Kantor

New Book on Minerals of South Urals

To the Memory of our Friend

Nikolay O. Parlashkevich (1946-2014)

77 (see a fragment, PDF)


  (see, PDF)