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Mineral Observer
Mineral News from Russia and Beyond Mineralogical Almanac,
volume 18, issue 3, 2013

From An Eyewitness
Sergey V. Kolisnichenko
The Chelyabinsk Meteorite
8 (see a fragment, PDF)
Viktor K. Garanin
The Fersman Mineralogical Museum 
in the 21st Century: Past, Present and Future
24 (see a fragment, PDF)
Boris Z. Kantor
Faden Quartz or Quartz with a white stripe
42 (see a fragment, PDF)
Carl A. Francis
Terry Huizing: Mineral Collector
54 (see a fragment, PDF)

Tucson Shows-2013

68 (see a fragment, PDF)  
   1. John Veevaert
    My Top 10 Minerals from Tucson Shows-2013
   2. Peter Lyckberg
   Tucson-2013: a Few Notes
77 (see a fragment, PDF)
   3. Ðœark Маuthner
   TMGS Exhibits: Fluorite
82 (see a fragment, PDF)  
Natalia N. Biezin’sh
“Jewelry Olympus”-2013
84 (see a fragment, PDF)

Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Show-2013

Photo Gallery
Tourmaline of the World
92 (see a fragment, PDF)  
New Book Review
World of Minerals: to Children and Adults


  (see PDF)