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Mineral Observer

Mineralogical Almanac, volume 25, issue 2, 2020


Famous Mineral Localities
Vladimir A. Popov, Sergei V. Kolisnichenko
Unique crystals of polyakovite-(Ce), a present of nature 
for the 100th anniversary of the Ilmeny state nature reserve

4 (see PDF)

Jubilee: 80 Years Anniversary
Orest I. Matkovsky, Anna A. Kul'chitskaya
Vladimir I. Pavlishin's contribution to progress in modern mineralogy
9 (see PDF)

Jubilee: 105 Years Anniversary
Vladimir I. Pavlishin
Alexander S. Povarennykh: the founder
of the crystal chemical school in Ukraine
18 (see PDF)

Famous Mineral Localities
Mikhail V. Tsyganko
Minerals of the Elovskoe nickel deposit, North Urals
23 (see PDF)

Guide to the Ontogeny of Minerals
Boris Z. Kantor
32 (see PDF)

Museum ?ollections
Irina E. Rudenko
Crimean minerals in the collection of the
Sevastopol Museum of minerals: recent discoveries
43 (see PDF)

Mineral Shows 2020: Tucson (USA)
Tucson 2020: impressions of eyewitnesses
Terry Wallace
1. Tucson 2020: the calm before the storm
52 (see PDF)
Carles Manresa and Alfredo Petrov
2. Novelty minerals at Tucson 2020
58 (see PDF)
3. Exhibits of TGMS-2020 65 (see PDF)
Gail and Jim Spann
4. Social events at Tucson 2020
68 (see PDF)
5. Thank-Yous! Photo gallery 72 (see PDF)

In Memoriam
Nikolay M. Podgornykh, Andrey V. Vishnevsky
A tribute to the memory of Vladimir I. Vasil'ev
74 (see PDF)



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