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Mineral Observer

Mineralogical Almanac, volume 24, issue 1, 2019


New Finds of 2018
Photo Gallery
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Boris Z. Kantor
Green Andradite from Bor Open Pit, Dalnegorsk, Russia
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Guide to the Ontogeny of Mineral
Victor A. Slyotov
On the Ontogeny of Minerals in the Supergene Zone
at the Mikhailovskoe Deposit (KMA)
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Boris Z. Kantor, Vladimir S. Lednev
“Quartz Bubbles“
26 see a fragment, PDF )
Boris Z. Kantor
Frame-like Crystals of Baryte
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Vladimir I. Pavlishin
A 200th Anniversary. Nikolay I. Koksharov: the Founder
of the Russian School of Mineralogical Crystallography
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Vladimir A. Popov
Assiduous Scientist: 80 years of birth of Oleg K. Ivanov

Museum Exhibition
Victoria V. Chernenko, Leonid S. Nazarov
The “Nature’s Creations in the Master Hands” Exhibition
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Mineral Shows 2018: Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines (France), June
Sainte-Marie 2018: Notes on “Prestige” Exhibition
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Dona Leicht
... the Show with the most fun!
Natalia V. Borovkova
Highly Educational Exhibition
Mark Mauthner
... a thoroughly enjoyable Exhibit!

Mineral Shows of 2018: Denver (USA), September
Michael B. Leybov
Denver 2018: “Minerals of Mexico”
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Munich (Germany), October
Munich 2018: Expositions and Novelties
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Michael B. Leybov
“Elements” Exposition
Albert Russ
Notes on Novelties from Mineral Photographer
Courtenay V. Smale, Gregor Borg
Follow the Gold: Nuggets from Caerhays Castle
and the Sky Disc of Nebra
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Moscow, October and December
Michael B. Leybov
Gemma 2018: Novelties of Autumn and Winter
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Interesting Mineral Finds
Mikhail V. Tsyganko
Pyrite from the Petropavlovskoe Deposit, Northern Urals
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Tomasz Praszkier
Fluorite Location Jebel Tirremi, Taourirt (Morocco) Reborn
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New Meteorite Finds of 2018
Sergei V. Kolisnichenko
Meteorite Ozerki
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Photo Gallery
Stuart Wilensky
European Mineral Treasures: Part 2
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