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Mineral Observer:
Mineral News from Russia and beyond

Mineralogical Almanac, volume 16, issue 2, 2011 

Vera M. F. Hammer
Russian Minerals in the Natural History Museum, Vienna
4 (see a fragment, PDF)
Joachim A. Lorenz, Ralf T. Schmitt & Andreas G. Völker

Count Georg Cancrin and the History of Cancrinite Discovery

24 (see a fragment, PDF)
Boris Z. Kantor

Druza vs Druse

36 (see a fragment, PDF)
Michael B. Leybov

Denver-2010: Notes on Show

44 (see a fragment, PDF)
Peter Lyckberg

München Mineralientage-2010

48 (see a fragment, PDF)
Olga Rogozina

“Jewellery Olympus”-2010

John S. White

What’s New in Tucson-2011

66 (see a fragment, PDF)
Jolyon Ralph
Two Mineral Shows in Russia (April, 2011)

New Findings at the Rubtsovskoe Deposit

80 (see a fragment, PDF)
Мikhail М. Moiseev, Ivan A. Novikov

New Findings of Minerals in the Moscow Regione


Internet Directory

Igor V. Pekov

Memorial of Alexander Podlesnyi (1948–2010)

90 (see a fragment, PDF)
Nikolay P. Yushkin

In Memory of Svetlana Ploskova (1971–2011)