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Mineral Observer

Mineralogical Almanac, volume 27, issue 1, 2022


Lubov V. Badyanova, Anatoly V. Kasatkin
New Mineral Locality in Russia: Shaposhnikov Caucasus
State Natural Biosphere Reserve (Imeretinsky Site)

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Old Museum Collections
Zoya A. Bessudnova, Vera V. Romanova, Nina N. Samsonova
Collection of Johann Carl Freiesleben
in Vernadsky State Geological Museum

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A Glorious Jubilee
Happy Anniversary to Mikhail Maleev!

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Speaking in the First Person
Mikhail Maleev
About Minerals and about Me. Life Pages

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Guide to the Ontogeny of Minerals
Boris Z. Kantor
On the Pyrrhotite Crystals from Dalnegorsk

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Pavel Yu. Plechov, Michael B. Leybov
Fersman Mineralogical Museum RAS: Recent News

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Stone-carved Masterpieces of the State Hermitage Museum
Natal’ya M. Mavrodina, Elena A. Olkhovaya
The Kolyvan Vase: A Pride of Russian Stone-Cutting Art

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