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Mineral Observer

Mineralogical Almanac, volume 25, issue 1, 2020


To the 150th Anniversary
of the Periodic Law by Dmitriy I. Mendeleev

Dmitriy Yu. Pushcharovsky
Discovery of the Periodic Law by Dmitriy I. Mendeleev
4 (see PDF)

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Mineralogical Record
Michael B. Leybov
Commemorating Fifty Years
of the Establishment of the Mineralogical Record
11 (see PDF)
Wendell E. Wilson
Russia and Other Countries
of the Former USSR in the Mineralogical Record
12 (see PDF)

Guide to the Ontogeny of Minerals
Boris Z. Kantor
Dalnegorsk: A Renaissance of First Sovetsky Mine?
29 (see PDF)
Angela Ehling, Maria Sitnikova, Stephan Kaufhold & Jan Hartmann
History of the mineral collection
at the German Federal Geological Survey (BGR)
33 (see PDF)

Graphite from Botogol and Jean-Pierre Alibert


(see PDF)
1. Lydie Touret, Jacques Touret
Jean-Pierre Alibert and the story of siberian graphite
2. Irina P. Andreeva, Zoya A. Bessudnova
Graphite from J.-P. Alibert at the Vernadsky State Geological Museum

A.O. Kalashnikov, V.N. Yakovenchuk, J.A. Pakhomovsky,
G.O. Kalashnikova, A.V. Bazai, A.A. Antonov, T.L. Panikorovsky,
Yu.A. Mikhailova, E.A. Selivanova, N.G. Konopleva, S.V. Krivovichev
In memory of Grigory Ivanyuk,
wonderful person and an outstanding scientist
58 (see PDF)

Mineral Shows 2019
Jolyon Ralph
“Crystal Days” festival in Luban, Poland
64 (see PDF)

Mineral Shows 2019
Munich 2019: “Whoever collects makes history”
68 (see PDF)
1. Mikhail M. Bitman
“Mineralientage Munchen”: attending is the must!”
2. Thomas Klinepeter
“The future of our hobby in the children...“
3. Karlheinz Gerl, Bernhard Sick
History “fossilised” in mineral names
4. Courtenay Smale
Bryce McMurdo Wright miniature cabinet from Williams Caerhays
5. Michael B. Leybov
Mineral collecting: poetry and science

Mineral Shows 2019
Michael B. Leybov
Gemma – October 2019: Photo gallery
84 (see PDF)
Michael B. Leybov
Gemma – December 2019: “...everybody could find his mineral specimen here...“
86 (see PDF)



  (see PDF)