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Mineral Observer

Mineralogical Almanac, volume 22, issue 1, 2017


Pavel Yu. Plechov
The 300th Anniversary of the Fersman Mineralogical Museum
and New Mineral Exhibits Presented for Its Jubilee
4 (see a fragment, PDF)

Vasilii N. Orlov
Gold Nuggets of Siberia at the Exhibition of the Diamond Fund
8 (see a fragment, PDF)

Cristiano Ferraris, Caroline Noyes, Jean-Marc Fourcault
“Treasures Of The Earth”, 
the New Exhibit at the Paris National Museum of Natural History
42 (see a fragment, PDF)

  (see a fragment, PDF)
Vladimir I. Pavlishin
Nikolay V. Belov, an Outstanding Crystallographer 
and Crystal Chemist of the 20th Century
Vladimir I. Pavlishin
Nathan I. Ginzburg: the Founder of Modern Applied Mineralogy
Michael B. Leybov
Our Friend Richard Gaines

Mineral Shows of 2016: Moscow, Russia, October
Inna S. Lykova
Novelties of the Season Autumn 2016
66 (see a fragment, PDF)

Mineral Shows of 2016: Munich, Germany, October

Munich Mineral Show 2016

  (see a fragment, PDF)
Inna S. Lykova
1. Season Novelties 2016
Michael B. Leybov
2. Notes from "The Museum's Hidden Treasures" Exhibition
Guenther Neumeier
3. New Publications

Mineral Shows of 2016: Melbourne, Australia, November
Malcolm Southwood
The Second Australian Fine Minerals Show
80 (see a fragment, PDF)

Sergei V. Kolisnichenko
Yaratkulova, a new Russian Meteorite
81 (see a fragment, PDF)

Jacques Touret, Andrey G. Bulakh
From Russia with Rocks: the Tombstone of Napoleon
82 (see a fragment, PDF)

Victoria V. Chernenko
Originating from Florence: 
Exhibition “Nature’s Creations in the Master Hands”
90 (see a fragment, PDF)

Photo Gallery
Stuart Wilensky
Treasures of Brazil: Part I
92 (see a fragment, PDF)


  (see PDF)