Tucson Show still goes on… Part 5


Photo by Michael Leybov

"Tucson Gem and Mineral Show" was great but too short for us to see everything we want. So we are glad to share some moments of the event.



Children's day


Mustafa Ghulam, David Wilber and Alan Hart

Michael Anosov near his exhibit with Russian Azurite specimens.


George Harlow, American Museum of Natural History,
2015 Carnegie Mineralogical Award recipient,
at the 2016 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.


Wolfgang Wendel at his booth.


Mariya Alferova, senior curator, near Fersman Mineralogical Museum case.
The Museum wins Educational Award at 2016 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.


Michael Leybov, Ludmila Cheshko, Anna Scherbina