The long road to Munich 2017

We are at Munich! Can’t wait the Show. Meanwhile we want to share our impressions of the trip. It was long trip but really interesting. We seen beautiful places, marvelous specimens and met good people.  Enjoy you, guys, too.


Smolensk. Kremlin. When history meets progress…


The weather was really good, so we decided to climb the wall and look around.


Here we are. "The Great Smolensk Wall".


And a little bit of romance... very bright orchestra, but only at night.


Minsk we reached in the dark, so photos are not really good, but mystery.


Dresden. Baroque Pearl

Dresden is as beautiful as always… plus clouds.


Ludmila Cheshko and Mikhail Tsyganko.


Lunch with the new friends.


We can’t past by this place. Every mineralogist and mineral amateur dream to visit Freiberg. There three great mineralogical collection here: collection of TU Bergakademia Freiberg, Terra Mineralia and Krugerhaus. And that’s not all. Every part of the city is devoted to minerals – shops, pubs, even churches. The spirit of miners everywhere.

Ludmila Cheshko is planning to seizure of the city.


Our big friends and great persons: Andreas Massanek and Christina Seifert and we are – Ludmila Cheshko, Anna Scherbina and Mikhail Tsyganko (from the left to the right).  


The Museum Terra Mineralias based on collection of Erika Pohl-Ströher.



In the yard of the museum children play interesting games: you have to stay only on the form of minerals you can named.


The exposition of Krugerhaus is devoted to minerals of Germany and contains specimens from different collectors.


Students of Freiberg Akademie and all visitors are very lucky to have such a wonderful “minerals library”!


History mining museum is small but nice, with warm atmosphere.