The first two days of Mineral Munich show were very intensive. We met our old friends, clients, made new contacts and, of cause, saw many interesting specimens. For now we don’t have good photos for minerals, because Albert Russ, great photographer needs time to prepare it, so there are just traces of the beauty of nature…

This year theme of the Show is “From Mine to Mine”.

Main exhibition is devoted to “Masterpiece mines”.  You can’t even imagine what masterpieces it included!



Our good friends Renato and Adriana Pagano have a personal exposition this year it’s a part of teaching collection “Collection of collectors”. These stands are very stylish and have their own spirit of history and adventures (don’t know why).

There are some more expositions:

“Alpine Mines”

Fluorite Camissionine Zogno, Italien. Federico Pezzotta.

and “Historical Minen”.

We want also to introduce you our new team member Naomi:

People are coming to our booth and we are welcoming everybody.

Christina and Herold in the center of Mineralogical Almanac team Naomi, Stanislav, Mikhail Tsyganko, Ludmila Cheshko.


On our booth we have “place for plays” - it’s very fun and warm with children, the new generation of collectors – Roman Ralph and Carlantonio Guastoni with their mothers.


The photo of the photo of the photo… (Jolyon Ralph and new manager Tom Costes).


Rainer Bode with Ludmila Cheshko.


Georg Johannes Unland, the great collector and the Minister of Finance in Saxony.


Albert Russ is presenting his book of Štiavnica minerals to Andreas Massanek.


Robert Sielecki (Ausrox) has the exposition cases.


Claudette and Michel Cabrol open their cases and hearts (we hope so) for us.


Wayne Leicht and Lois Nelson (Kristalle).


We always happy to see and to talk to Jordi Fabre (Fabre Minerals).


Zeb Gul, smyling person (Zeb Gul Minerallien).


Very nice persons with a sharp sense of humor (ZA minerals).


Sami Makki and his marvelous Scolecite with Stilbite (Water Well at Rankhamb Village, Sakur, Sangamner dst., Maharashtra, India).


This guy said that this is his portrait. Well, we agree J (The agate house).