The Munich Show 2017 is over and
we will keep many bright moments of this event till
next Munich Mineralientage (October 26-28, 2018).
Only 358 days left...

Naomi shows the newest Mineralogical Almanac issue
to Marco Lorenzoni from Mineralogical Collection Proffecionals (MCP).


Eva Wallisch represents Escaut Minerals company.


Escaut Minerals.


Brucites and fluorites, Anton Watzl Minerals.


Olena Khurtina and Inna Rudajova from QuartzSamocvety company (Ukraine) represent Volodarsk-Volynski minerals.


Heliodor from Volodarsk-Volynski (Ukraine) at the QuartzSamocvety company (Ukraine) Booth.


Our close friends and collegues in publishing:

Marie Huizing, Editor-in-Chief of Rocks&Minerals magazine.


Adriana Pagano, Europian representative of The Mineralogical Record magazine.


At the Lapis magazine booth mineral collectors can find many books from around the world including newest Mineralogical Almanac issues too.

It was cool, but all good things ever come to an end…

It's time to plan next Mineral Shows -
Naomi Rosick (advertizing manager of Mineralogical Almanac) and
Mikhail Tsyganko (our good friend and Ural collector from Severourask) are ready to participate!

The posters of the Mineral Show could be found everywhere in the city.

We already miss fantastic Munich with ancient buildings,
Flamboyant Gothic Style Rathaus, and the beautiful Alps on the horizon

See you next year, Munich!