It would be very sad to go home right after the Show, so we took a wonderful trip to Switzerland. Mountains, lakes, waterfalls… and of course minerals. Our friends – Prof.Pierre Perroud and Prof. Edwin Gnos – gave us a tour of The Natural History Museum of Geneva.

Mikhail Tsyganko and Pierre Perroud.


Edwin Gnos and Ludmila Cheshko.

The museum visually shows the structure of minerals.


And the place in the periodic table.


Gypsum, rose of the sands. Baud-Bovy. Unknown source.


27. Riebeckite, Colorado, USA.  28. Riebeckite, variation Crocidolite, Colombia. 29. Arfuedsonite. Krangerdluarsuk, Grunland, Germany.


So you can see agates.


Luminescent minerals.


Pierre said that this is his family.




Lake Lucerne – Lake of the Four Forested Settlements – is a lake in central Switzerland and the fourth largest in the country.


View of Lucerne.