Ensisheim Meteorite Show report. 2016

Photo by Michael Leybov

Rains followed us on our way to Ensisheim, France


Middle-age castle in the center of Ensisheim., where the Meteorite Show takes place annually  for 17 years


The staircase which leads to the main halls of the castle.


A poster of the Ensisheim Meteorite Show.


Vyacheslav Kalachev near the table of Gregory M.Hupe, who presented at the Meteorite Show  a replica of  unique lunar meteorite NWA 5000 and it’s slices.


The slice of lunar meteorite NWA 5000 (19.4 g. specimen), Gregory M.Hupe collection.


General view of exhibition hall.


Graphite nodule with iron inclusions, 558 g., Diablo canyon.


Dr. Carion Alain, Meteoritical Society, an author of recently published popular brochure “Meteorites”.


A cover of the brochure “Meteorites”.


“Libyan glass” (tektite), 22x16 cm, Carion Alain collection.


Zelimir Gabelica, the head manager of  Ensisheim Meteorite Show Professor and Ludmila Cheshko, executive manager of  Mineralogical Almanac.


Famous Ensisheim Meteorite, which fell on Nov.7, 1492 close to the city.  At present it is on display of  Mining Museum of Ensisheim.


Most of items in this Museum are from silvinite mines, situated close in the  vicinity of city. They have been mined for more then a century and were closed in 2000.


Marc Jost (right) and Andreas Koppelt (left), who discovered a new meteorite (age 130,000 years) in Twannberg, Switzerland in 2014-2015.


Michael Leybov chooses specimens for photography.


Michael Leybov, Ludmila Cheshko, Anna Scherbina