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Mineral Observer:
Mineral News from Russia and beyond

Mineralogical Almanac, volume 17, issue 1, 2012 

Vladimir A. Popov
The Akhmatov Mine in the South Urals: Notes on Mineralogy
8 (see a fragment, PDF)
Nina A. Mokhova

The A.V. Razderishin Collection in the Fersman Mineralogical Museum

46 (see a fragment, PDF)
Tat’yana M. Pavlova and Elena A. Borisova

A Specimen from the Early Collections of the Fersman Mineralogical Museum

52 (see a fragment, PDF)
Boris Z. Kantor

Around “Peculiarities”

54 (see a fragment, PDF)
Jolyon Ralph

The Conference – Lwówek ŚSlaski, Poland

60 (see a fragment, PDF)
Jolyon Ralph

The Ural Emerald Mines Launches Mining of Emeralds

Jacques Touret

June 2011: Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines at the Crossroads

Michael B. Leybov
Notes from the Show
66 (see a fragment, PDF)
Igor V. Pekov and Anna G. Turchkova

By Side Denver Show Events – Field Trips for Russian Team

John W. White

Exciting Gathering of Exceptional Specimens

72 (see a fragment, PDF)
Mark H.F. Mauthner

Munich Show – a Well-Oiled Machine and Work of Art


Masterpieces from Tsumeb

76 (see a fragment, PDF)

Congratulations with Jubilee: Galina F. Anastasenko

Michael B. Leybov

A Great Donation to the Vernadsky Museum: The Sergey M. Mironov Mineral Collection


Again Rubtsovskoe!


Agate III – New Book by J. Zenz

86 (see a fragment, PDF)