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New Data on Minerals vol. 41, 2006


New Minerals and Their Varieties,  
New Finds of Rare Minerals, Mineral Paragenesis  
Pautov L.A., Аgakhanov А.А., Bekenova G.K.  
Sokolovaite CsLi2AlSi4O10F2 – a new mineral species of the mica group 5
Chernikov A.A., Chistyakova N.I., Uvarkina O.M., Dubinchuk V.T., Rassulov V.A., Polekhovsky Y.S.  
Malyshevite PdBiCuS3 – a new mineral from Srednyaya Padma deposit in southern Karelia 14
Chukanov N.V., Rastsvetaeva R.K., Mockel S., Zadov A.E., Levitskaya L.A.  
The roscherite group and its new representative member atencioite, Ca2Fe2+Mg2Fe22+Be4(PО4)6(OH)4·6H2O 18
Pekov I.V., Bryzgalov I.V.  
New Data on Galkhaite 26
Semkova T.A., Gablina I.F., Stepanova T.V., Gor'kova N.V.  
Roxbyite and conditions of its formation in modern ore-bearing mineralized sediments  
of the Logachev-1 hydrothermal field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 14°45' c.ш.) 33
Gritsenko Y.D., Spiridonov E.M.  
Nickel, cobalt, and iron sulfoarsenides and sulfoantimonides and krutovite  
from metamorphic-hydrothermal carbonate veins of the Norilsk ore field 46
Moiseev M.M., Chukanov N.V.  
Mineralogy of pegmatites and hydrothermal rocks of the Kovdor phlogopite deposit  56
Alferova M.S.  
Mineralogy and genesis of the Novo-Karkodinskoye demantoid deposit, Central Urals 71
Samusikov V.P.  
Gold Nuggets from Southern Verkhoyania (Yana Upstream region) 79
Sokolova E.L., Spiridonov E.M.  
Goethite and lizardite paragenesis – typical formation of metakimberlites  
hosted metaperidotite xenoliths under zeolite facies conditions  86
Gritsenko Y.D., Spiridonov E.M., Sereda E.V.  
Native arsenic-löllingite association from hydrothermal veins in Norilsk ore field 91
Crystal Chemestry, Minerals as Prototypes
of New Materials, Physical and Chemical Properties of Minerals
Azarova Yu.V., Krinov D.I., Sokolova M.N.
Structural and genetic relationships of djerfisherite and bartonite  
and problem of isomorphism in the system djerfisherite – Cu-djerfisherite – bartonite
Doynikova O.A., Sidorenko G.A.  
Coconinoite and related alumino-uranyl phosphates  108
Mineralogical Museums and Collections
Matvienko E.N., Sokolova E.L.
Fersman Mineralogical Museum during the World War II (1941–1945)  119
Generalov М. Е.
The last Imperial Easter Egg from Faberge: Astronomer’s Approach 123
Matvienko E.N.
Novye Dannye o Mineralakh (New Data on Minerals): A Centennial of the Periodical 129
Belakovsky D.I.
Acquisitions of the Fersman Mineralogical Museum, Russian Academy of Sciences in 2004 and 2005 133
Mineralogical Notes
Kantor B.Z.  
New data for the problem of agate genesis  145
Rastsvetaeva R.K.  
Species and Varieties (A Mineralogical Tale) 154
Cherkasov A.D., Cherkasov P.A., Agaeva Yu.K.  
Emerald and precious beryl varieties on the postal stamps of the world 158
Borutzky B.Ye.  
Essays on Fundamental and Genetic Mineralogy:  
2. The practice of working out "natural genetic" systematics of minerals: an example of feldspars 162
Rastsvetaeva R.K., Chukanov N.V.  
Mineral species or mineral variety? 172
Publications of Fersman Mineralogical Museum, RAS 184