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Igor V. Pekov. Minerals First Discovered on the Territory of the Former Soviet Union. 1998, Ocean Picture Ltd, Moscow, Russia. 370 pages. This book is the first and the most comprehensive book about 582 new minerals discovered in Former Soviet Union (within its former boudariens) since 1766. The book contains informations about the type localities and the type speciments of the minerals that are kept in Russian museums; data on the persons for whom the minerals were named; portraits of discoverers of new minerals; 184 color plates, 68 SEM - photographs of minerals; 24 maps; complete locality index; and 761 references. This book contains very reliable facts and precise data and therefore will it provide trustworthy and long - term service to mineralogists of many countries. The author of this book, Igor V. Pekov (Lomonosov Moscow State University), is a young but well-known mineralogist. He is famous, in particular, for his work at the alkaline massifs of the Kola Peninsula and Greenland and as a discoverer and investigator of new minerals.