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Mineral Observer

Mineralogical Almanac, volume 27, issue 2, 2022


Victor M. Vasil’ev, Vladimir A. Popov
Gorbunovskoe quartz occurrence, Central Urals

6 (see pdf)  

Igor V. Pekov
Oleg Vasilievich Kononov

16 (see pdf)  

Yulia V. Azarova, Irina P. Andreeva
Veniamin A. Silbermintz and his collections
at the Vernadsky State Geological Museum

33 (see pdf)  

Yulia D. Gritsenko
In memory of Oleg I. Gritsenko:
exhibition at the Fersman Mineralogical Museum

43 (see pdf)  

Guide to the Ontogeny of Minerals
Boris Z. Kantor and Milind Kolhatkar
Green apophyllite:
finds in the water well at Chitegaon, Maharashtra, India

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In memory of Andrey L. Cheshko

64 (see pdf)  

Mineral Shows, Spring 2022
Michael B. Leybov
Gemma, Moscow

66 (see pdf)  

Mineral Shows, Summer 2022
Joerg Liebe
St. Marie aux Mines 2022 “Special Exhibition” Report

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