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Mineral Observer

Mineralogical Almanac, volume 26, issue 2, 2021


Jacques Touret and Zoya A. Bessudnova
Vladimir I. Vernadsky abroad: years of studies and research

6 (see pdf)  

Anatoly V. Kasatkin
New findings of rare minerals in Russia. Part II

20 (see pdf)

In memory of Alexander N. Mineev
Boris Z. Kantor
Dalnegorsk minerals in the collection of Alexander N. Mineev

60 (see pdf)  

Vladislav V. Ivanov, Mikhail V. Tsyganko, Ilya I. Protasov, Elena A. Kanzyuba
Finding of unusual parallel-columnar blue halite from the Verkhnekamskoe deposit, Perm Krai

70 (see pdf)  

Michael B. Leybov
“Minerals in the Lens”: Mineral photo competition

76 (see pdf)  

Larisa I. Levitskaya
New historical hall in the “Shtufnoi Kabinet” Museum

79 (see pdf)  

Ludmila A. Budrina
The Peterhof Cabinet of the French Empress

82 (see.pdf)