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Mineral Observer

Mineralogical Almanac, volume 24, issue 3, 2019


Georgii A. Yurgenson
Mineral Collection of the Stuckenberg
Geological Museum at the Kazan University
4 (see a fragment, PDF)
Rimma D. Petrova
Meteorites of Tatarstan in the Stuckenberg
​Geological Museum, Kazan University
53 (see a fragment, PDF)
Guide to the Ontogeny of Minerals
Boris Z. Kantor
59 (see a fragment, PDF)
Mineral Shows 2019
Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines-2019: Impressions of Experts
70 (see a fragment, PDF)
1. Photo Gallery by Joaquim Callen 71
2. Photo Gallery by Louis-Dominique Bayle 72
3. Dr. Eric Heinen De Carlo
If it’s June, this must be Sainte Marie (aux Mines)…
4. Dr. Joerg Liebe
Special Mineral Exhibitions
Andreas Massanek, Anna Dziwetzki
“Unique Discoveries from Saxony”
Special Exposition at the Terra Mineralia in Freiberg
88 (see a fragment, PDF)
Jaroslav Hyrsl
Erzgebirge I: Book for Mineral Collectors
92 (see a fragment, PDF)
Francesco Demartin, Paolo Ferretti,
Italo Campostrini, Stefano Dallabona, Ivano Rocchetti
Fiemmeite: a New Copper Oxalate
​from San Lugano (Trentino, Dolomites, Italy)
93 (see a fragment, PDF)
Advertizers   (see a fragment, PDF)