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Mineral Observer

Mineralogical Almanac, volume 23, issue 1, 2018


Eugeniy G. Gapanyuk
50th Anniversary
of the ”Diamond Fund of Russian Federation” Exhibition
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Famous Mineral Localities of Russia
Yulia D. Gritsenko, Ekaterina I. Gerasimova
Unique Crystals of Morimotoite
from Pegmatite of the Odikhincha Alkaline Pluton, Siberia, Russia
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Yuriy B. Marin
The 200th Anniversary of the Russian Mineralogical Society
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Prominent Russian Mineralogists
Vladimir I. Pavlishin
Alexander N. Karnozhitsky –
one of the Founders of the General Theory of Crystal Defects

Vladimir I. Pavlishin
Alexander A. Godovikov –
an Outstanding Mineralogist of the 20
th Century

My Mineralogical Journey
Boris Z. Kantor
Boris Kantor: about Myself
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Guide to the Ontogeny of Minerals
Boris Z. Kantor
Quartz Twins by Japan Law and Native Copper
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Mineral Shows of 2017: Sainte-Maire-aux-Mines, France, June
Jacques Touret
Novelties of Summer 2017 in France
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Mineral Shows of 2017: Denver (USA), September
Michael B. Leybov
Notes from the 50th “Golden” Show
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Jim and Gail Spann
Silver Exposition

Mineral Shows of 2017: Moscow,
September-October and December

Michael B. Leybov
Walk on the “Gemma” Mineral Show
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Exhibition in the Ural Geological Museum
Dmitry A. Kliemenov, Alexander L. Usov
Fulgurite is “Petrified Lightening”
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Stuart Wilensky
Masterpieces of Mexico: Part II

Munich Show 2017
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Mark Mauthner
1. Notes on Special Exhibit “From Mine to Mine”
Albert Russ
2. Photo gallery Wendell Minerals Company
John Veevaert
3. Exciting New Find


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