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Mineral Observer

Mineralogical Almanac, volume 13c, 2008


Vasiliy N. Orlov    
The Oldest Gold Nuggets from     
the Diamond Fund of Russian Federation  4 (see a fragment, PDF)
Nikita V. Chukanov, Roberto Allori    
Cancrinite-group Minerals    
from the Sacrofano Caldera, Rome, Latium, Italy 20 (see a fragment, PDF)
Serge V. Naugolnykh    
The Great Break in History of the Plant Worl 36  
Margarita I. Novgorodova, Michael B. Leybov     
For 125-Anniversary of Alexander E. Fersman 52  (see a fragment, PDF)
Nina A. Mokhova     
News from Jena, Germany    
Mineral Collection of Prince Dmitrii A. Golitsyn (1734–1803) 56 (see a fragment, PDF)
Viktor V. Levitskii     
Journey to the Belorechenskoye Deposit 62 (see a fragment, PDF)
Svetlana Yu. Yanson, Vladimir G. Krivovichev    
6th International Conference "Mineralogical Museums" 72 (see a fragment, PDF)
Book Reviews 75  
Letters 75  
Masterpieces of 2008 76 (see, PDF)
2008–2009. Memorable Dates 78  
Advertisers 80 (see, PDF)