Around Denver 2016 Mineral Show

Denver Show this year was wonderful, that’s why it seems so short. We want to share the most bright our impressions. We hope you enjoy this Report.


Our trip was amazing and surprising from the start. On the road from Los Angeles to Denver in one of the point of view we met Angela and Malcolm Southwood, our good friends and subscribers from Australia (small world…). Here is the place – Castle Valley:



On the road. America is a very beautiful country:



Fine Mineral Show in Marriott Golden Hotel is open! Welcome!

It's always nice to talk to our dearest friend Marie Huizing (Rocks and Minerals, USA).


Valere Berlage shows his precious “child” to Kristina Bode Dias Torres (Mineralien Welt, Germany). As usual Valere has a lot of interesting specimens from Namibia and other places.


New find of Ausrox: Nature copper+cuprite, Rocklands mine Cloncurry, Queensland, Australia, Ausrox.


Heather Reinnitz – the sunnysmile of The Sunnywood.


Beauty and her treasures – Krystle Dorris from Pinacle 5 Minerals.


Colorado Mineral & Fossil Show

Muhammad F. Makki, Matrix India Minerals, and Anna Scherbina, Mineralogical Almanac. 


Scolecite from Junnar, Maharashtra, India. Matrix India Minerals.


Fine large gem specimen from Vasconcelos:
Tourmaline cluster, Cruzerio Mine, Mines Gerais, Brazil.


The Denver Gem & Mineral Show this year was devoted to minerals from Africa.

Children learn how to dance African dances with tutor and live native music.


Always very stylish Aisha and Arif Jan, Rocksaholics, USA.


Dona Leicht, Golden Person, from Kristalle.


Very friendly and bright Alberto and Alejandra Ray, Del Rey Agates.


Agates from Del Rey Agates.


Smile, you are on candid camera: Ann and Si Frazier, John White (from left to right).


This person can always say “privet!” - Dr. Petr Korbel, Wendel Minerals, Germany.


Very machos (and we love them “mucho” for their minerals of cause) Greg Turner (Cornestone Minerals) and Dave Bunk (Dave Bunk Minerals).


Alfredo Petrov and Vladimir Klipov discuss how to grow rare-existing in nature quartz varieties.


Diana and Dan Weinrich, Weinrich Minerals, with client.


Scott Werschky, Miner's Lunchbox describes snowflake cerussite from Namibia to Karen Hruby, collector from Arizona.


Jeffrey Scovil and Leslie Diane Watson.


Stephanie Snyder and Sandi Mason, Stonetrust.


Carolyn Manchester and Jack Halpern– collectors from California.


Crysralline Ledford (4 years old) and Kellen Wright (10) looking for smth interesting in the boxes of Unique Minerals Co.


Evan Jones, Unique Minerals, and Bob Jones, Rock & Gem.


Daniel Trinchillo, Fine Minerals International, and Steven Behling, The Collector’s Edge Minerals.


New finds of Mineral Classics – Valentinite, Lengshuijiang Co., Loudi Prefecture, Hunan prov., China.


What a wonderful calcite vase for candies, The Collector’s Edge Minerals.


After Show on the way to LA we decided to visit some amazing places.

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO.


On the Narrow Gauge Railroad from Durango to Silverton, we took vintage coach roundtrip – such a nice  trip.


Autumn came to Durango.


Monument Valley.


Grand Canyon at sunset.


Why not to help Ludlow Mining Co (Ludlow, CA)? Anna Scherbina is loading gold ore. Ludmila Cheshko admires the cobblestone. Such a profession…