Tucson Show report. 02.05.2016

Photo by Michael Leybov

Collector’s Luck

Fluorapatite with Ti-andradite, 4 x 3 cm. Odikhincha massiv, Kotuy river,  Taymyr Peninsula, East Siberia, Russia.
Specimen: John White, he has bought it from Russian Minerals Co, Inn Suits /Hotel Tucson City Center, room 424.

John White, a prominent American mineralogist found this specimen in a collection of exotic Russian minerals. He marked that observed mineral association is quite unusual and descries special investigation. The locality was discovered in summer 2015 by members of children geological club “Geocompany” leading by mineralogists Yulia and Oleg Gritsenko.


Michael Leybov, Ludmila Cheshko, Anna Scherbina