Tucson Show report 02.01.2016

In the course of Tucson Show mineral collectors may find fine specimens for quite reasonable prices in various places of the city, both in hotels and tents.
Small show at Elk hotel (Oracle, 1800) is one of such places.
A group of well-known dealers, among them: Evan Jones, Cal and Kerith Graebers, Leonardo Himes, Kevin Downey, Donald Olson, Isaias Casanova, Ronna Jawett – arranged a mineral specimen show in a ballroom and presented a lot of fine specimens in wide range, from cabinet size to thumbnails.

"Well-arranged Molecules" stand.


On the left: Kevin Downey ("Well-arranged Molecules") with customer.


Geoffrey Krasnov ("Geokrazy Minerals") and Isaias Casanova ("IC Minerals").


Ronna Jawett ("Ronna’s Treasures").


Evan Jones ("Unique Minerals") with customers.