Sainte-Marie Mineral Show. 23.06.2016

Photo by Anna Scherbina if otherwise mentioned


Our friends Le Regna Mineral Magazine represent their publications and not only.
You can find issues of Mineralogical Almanac on their booth,
including the latest one – devoted to the Saranovskoe Deposite. 
La Regna Mineral. France. Theatre TEN 7.


At the booth of La Regna Mineral (France): Julien Lebocey and Roger De Ascenção Guedes.
Theatre TEN 7.


Joanna Praszkier. Spirifer Minerals. Poland.


Tomasz Praszkier. Spirifer Minerals, Poland.


Jan Claude Leydet, France.


The crystal models (wooden) at the booth of Jan Claude Leydet.


Ankit and Ramesh Pandey.
Superb Minerals, India. ZM/PR/16.


Ahmednagar, India.
Superb Minerals, India. ZM/PR/16.


Chalcedony. 14 cm tall.
Indonesia, Jawa island.
Rudolf Watzl, Saphira Minerals. ZM/TEN/3.
Photo by A. Watzl.


Apatite. 7 cm.
Iavra do Sapo, Goiaberra, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Frederic Escaut, Escaut minerals, France. SMAM, ZM/TGS/1.   
Photo by Joaquim Callen.

Michael Leybov, Ludmila Cheshko, Anna Scherbina