Munich Show report

Photo by Michael Leybov

October, 26 

A nice present from The Munich Show managment for dealers.

Dmitry Belakovskiy presenys a new publication - a broshure "The Count Kochubey Mineral Collection in Fersman Mineralogical Museum". Dmitry sponsored the issue and promoted it as a producer and publisher. The publication is dedicated to the 300 years anniversary of the Fersman Mineralogical Museum.

Mikhail Anosov, Andras Lelkes, Ludmila Cheshko and Anatoly Kasatkin at the booth of Mineralogical Almanac.

A cover of a following issue of Mineralogical Almanac (Mineral Observer, vol. 21, issue 3, 2016).

Orpiment xls up to 6(!) cm with realgar. 17 x 18 cm, xls 6 cm. Jiepaiyu Mine (Shimen Mine), Changde Prefecture, Hunan Province, China. Specimen: "Cristalli s.r.l.".

Ludlamite. 10 x 24 cm. Cabeça do Cachorro claim, Amazonas, Brazil. Specimen: "Crystal Classic".

Vivianite. 23 x 29 cm. Cabeça do Cachorro claim, Amazonas, Brazil. Specimen: "Crystal Classic".

Calcite on quartz. 7 x 14 cm. Yaogangxian Mine, Hunan Province, China. Specimen: "Merveilles Dela Terre".

Chrysocolla after pseudomorphs of azurite xls previously altered to malachite. 30 x 45 cm. Luputo Mine, Katanga (Shaba), DR Congo (Zaïre).

Freibergite. 9 x 11 cm. Melgarejo Mine, Machacamarca, Bolivia. Specimen: Marcus Budil.

Tetrahedrite twin size 2.5 x 3 cm on calcite. 5 x 8 cm. Boldut Mine, Maramures Co., Romania. Specimen: Privat collection.

Prismatic beryl var. emerald xls 0.8 x 3.2 and 1.3 x 6.0 cm on matrix. 6 x 7 cm. Kamar Safed, Panjsher Province, Afghanistan. Specimen: "Fine Art Minerals".

Cerussite twin 5 x 6 cm size with malacite. 6 x 11 cm. Okatumba, Kunene Region, Namibia. Specimen: "Weinrich Minerals".

Antimony. 4 x 7 x 20 cm. Pribram, Bohemia, Czech Republic. Specimen: Vilem Sturec.

Chalcophyllite. 9 x 10 cm. Wheal Gorland(?), Gwennap, Cornwall, England, UK. Specimen: "Weinrich Minerals".

Tourmaline with albite. 1.5 x 3.5 cm. Ouarzazate Province, Anti-Atlas, MoroccoSpecimen: "SpiriferMinerals".


Mushroom-like calcite. 14 x 21 cm. Dalnegorsk, Primorskiy Kray, Russia. Specimen: Frederic Escout.

Two tetrahedral xls of chalcopyrite 2.3 cm size with bournonite xls on quartz. 4 x 5 cm. Yaogangxian Mine, Hunan Province, China. Specimen: "Saphira Minerals".

Jolyon Ralph (founder of and Marcus J. Origlieri,  mineralogist.

Renato Pagano, collector (Milan, Italy).

Evan Jones and Marc Miterman, Unique Minerals (Phoenix, USA).

Alfred Schreilechner, Fascination Mineralien (Austria).

Eloisa and Joaquim Callen are celebeating 10-years anniversary of Mineral Up magazine.

Diana Bruce and Katrin Schlegal, Crystal Classics (Somerset, UK).

Anglesite. 3 x 4.5 cm. Monteponi Mine, Sardinia, Italy. Specimen: "SpiriferMinerals".

Cuprite xls up to 1.0 x 1.6 cm size on matrix. 3.5 x 4 cm. Tur'inskii Mine, Krasnotur'insk, Urals Region, Russia. Specimen: Privat collection.

Gypsum xls up to 0.9 x 8 cm size coloured by herbertsmithite inclusions. 4 x 8 x 12.5 cm. Rudna Mine, Lubin District, Poland. Specimen: "SpiriferMinerals".

Andreas Massanek, curator of the mineralogical collection of the Freiberg Mining Academy (TU Bergakademie, Freiberg, Germany).

Rupert Hochleitner, Reich der Kristalle (Munich, Germany).

John White, Hermi and  Johannes Keilmann, Ludmila Cheshko at the booth of Rocks&Minerals magazine.

Terry Huizing (Rocks&Minerals), Jeff Scovil, photographer, Guenther Neumeier (editor).

Jorgen Langhof, curator of the Swedish Museum of Natural History (Stockholm, Sweden) and  Mike Rumsey, curator of the Natural History Museum (London, UK).

Vera Hummer, curator of Vienna Museum of Natural History (Vienna, Austria).

Crokoite xls up to 0.8 cm size on matrix. 8 x 9 cm. Berezovskii, Middle Urals, Russia. Specimen: August Breithaupt collection, the Freiberg Mining Academy.

Phenakite. 3.5 x 5 cm. Izumrudnye Kopi, Middle Urals, Russia. Specimen: August Breithaupt collection, the Freiberg Mining Academy.